This is a private site for API staff only

Induction training site for new staff

As at 1 March 2018 API will be providing a 1800 number for our members and will be the only number we advertise to members and the general public.

As the structure of the API has changed in recent years, the best way to support Members has also changed.  While in the past, Members would contact their local API Office for support and assistance, it is now best that Members are directed to the relevant portfolio rather than the local office. 

To better assist Members, a dedicated group of staff (Laura (Vic.), Angela (ACT), Charlene (NSW), Anjanette (ACT) and Charlotte (WA), [The Call Triage Team - CTT] will be trained on various facets of API’s operations to ensure that Member enquires can, wherever possible, be answered by the first person they speak to, or if they are unable to help, then transfer the call to the appropriate staff member in a portfolio.

Apart from the training on the API, these staff should also be given training on customer service, as well as communication skills (including telephone skills), handling irate and complaining customers, controlling emotions and other skills that will reduce the stress that can be placed on them in this role. 

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