Are you interested to find out how blockchain is being explored and used in the property industry and how cryptocurrencies are being used in property transactions?

Join our panel of experts to discuss the following:

  • An intro to blockchain, cryptocurrency, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and security token offerings (STOs):
    • Deep dive into foundations of cryptocurrency – what, why and how?
  • Blockchain applications in property, housing and leasing:
    • ANZ-Westpac-IBM-Scentre Group whitepaper about blockchain-based bank guarantees for commercial property leasing

    • Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute enquiry into various disruptive technologies in urban and housing contexts

    • NSW Land Registry partnership with Stockholm-based blockchain specialists

    • Sweden’s land registry digital transformation using distributed ledger technology

    • Projects like Equikey and Konkrete will allow decentralised, fully compliant trading of property shares for homeowners to release equity from their property or for developers to crowdfund their capital requirements with less reliance on banks

    • Projects like Propy which allows buyers, sellers and agents to close real estate deals through smart contracts
  •        Income tax and GST implications of cryptocurrency dealing

  •        Legal considerations
  •        Q&A


  • Joni Pirovich, Lawyer, Hall & Wilcox
  • John Bassilios, Special Counsel, Hall & Wilcox
  • Dr Adrian Lee, Senior Lecturer, Finance Discipline Group, UTS Business School

Moderated by: James Lynch, CEO, Castle Coin Fractional Real Estate